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Skills Advanced Cognition is a web-based system that designs and manages evidence-based teaching programs using the principles of applied behavior analysis (ABA) to maximize the potential of higher-functioning children who demonstrate inflexible thinking and difficulty identifying relevant information.


A new, simpler, streamlined workflow for Skills®.

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Once Assessment questions are answered “no,” the associated activities will go into the Treatment section, replacing the need to “add” them from current Step 3-Choose Activity. Simply go to treatment and introduce!

Any items that are in “Pending” status under the current Step 4-Treatment, awaiting introduction, will be automatically marked with a star so that they do not become lost among activities previously in Step 3. That way you skip a step and yet keep the ability to filter what you want to work on next!

Moving forward, if you wish, you can indicate prioritization of upcoming activities using the same star indicator.

For assistance, please call 877-975-4559 or email customercare@skillsglobal.com.

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